Learning HCX-Part 4: HCX Site Pairing

In this post we will be pairing the HCX-Enterprise appliance with the HCX-Cloud to start consuming HCX features.

If you are not following along this series, then I recommend reading earlier posts of this series from below links:

1: Introduction to HCX

2: HCX Enterprise Deployment & Configuration

3: HCX Cloud Deployment & Configuration

Site pairing task is straight forward and it should compelte without any issue if all your configuration is correct. However In my lab I was getting an error “untrusted ssl connection” when trying to do site pairing. Read More

HCX Site Pairing failed with error “Untrusted SSL Connection”

In last post of HCX series, we deployed HCX Cloud appliance and performed basic configuration. The next step was to pair the HCX Enterprise appliance to the HCX Cloud so that we can start consuming HCX features. 

When I tried pairing the on-prem HCX to HCX Cloud, I was getting ssl connection error and site pairing task was failing.


I was pretty sure that this is happening because of untrusted ssl certs in my lab and I was thinking that may be I need to replace the self-signed certs with the CA signed certs.  Read More

Learning HCX-Part 3-HCX Cloud Deployment & Configuration

In last post of this series, we deployed the HCX Enterprise appliance in on-premise and connected it to vCenter server, NSX manager and PSC. In this post we will deploy HCX cloud appliance in cloud side and will walkthrough basic configuration steps.

As of now, I don’t have a true cloud site but I have 2 vCenter servers in 2 location. Site A is where I deployed HCX Enterprise and Site B is where I am deploying HCX Cloud applaince. I am treating my Site B as cloud location for now.

HCX Cloud deployment is very much similar to HCX Enterprise deployment. Below slideshow walkt hrough the deployment steps. Read More

Learning HCX-Part 2-HCX Enterprise Deployment & Configuration

In first post of this series, we learnt about basics of HCX and we discussed that HCX is available in 2 versions i.e HCX Enterprise (for On-Prem) and HCX Cloud (for cloud providers).

In this post we will learn how to deploy HCX Enterprise appliance in on-prem and we will touch down on basic configuration. 

Deployment of HCX Enterprise appliance is very much similar to a standard ovf deployment of any VMware product and nothing fancy is there. Below slide show walk-through steps of deploying the appliance.  Read More

Learning HCX-Part 1: Introduction to HCX

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (previously known as HCX technologies) was announced by VMware last year during VMworld 2017 Europe and it aimed at following use cases:

  • Simplified Data Center Migration: Seamless migration of appliactions from on-premise to cloud. 
  • Infrastructure Hybridity: Hybrid Cloud Extension enables seamless cloud on-boarding.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster, Hybrid Cloud Extension recovers the networking layer. Traffic routes are maintained as before the disaster, resulting in high-speed disaster recovery with low downtime.
  • Multi-Cloud Application Support: Hybrid Cloud Extension enables application components to exist in the multi-cloud world. 

So what exactly is VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension?

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension is a SaaS offering that provides application mobility and infrastructure hybridity across different vSphere versions, on-premises and in the cloud.


To know more HCX, please see the VMware HCX FAQ section.

VMware journey from HCM to HCX

Before HCX solution, VMware offered a similar product named “Hybrid Cloud Manager (HCM) ” to support their vCloud Air service. Customers were using HCM to migrate workloads from their on-premise to vCloud Air using HCM. Also it offered features like L2 network stretch, cold migration and vMotion to cloud. Read More