Learning HCX-Part 3-HCX Cloud Deployment & Configuration

In last post of this series, we deployed the HCX Enterprise appliance in on-premise and connected it to vCenter server, NSX manager and PSC. In this post we will deploy HCX cloud appliance in cloud side and will walkthrough basic configuration steps.

As of now, I don’t have a true cloud site but I have 2 vCenter servers in 2 location. Site A is where I deployed HCX Enterprise and Site B is where I am deploying HCX Cloud applaince. I am treating my Site B as cloud location for now.

HCX Cloud deployment is very much similar to HCX Enterprise deployment. Below slideshow walkt hrough the deployment steps.

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By default, HCX Cloud appliance is deployed with 12 GB RAM, 4 vCPU’s and 60 GB HDD.


Once the appliance boots up, login to appliance by typing https://hcxcloud-fqdn:9443 and using admin as username and password set during deployment.


If you have your license key handy then activate the appliance or you can do this later as well.


Specify the datacenter location where you have deployed the HCX cloud bit and hit continue.


Specify the system name for the hcx cloud appliance and hit next.


Select appropriate instance to configure and hit continue. You will select vCloud Director if your cloud infrastructure is based on vCD. For e.g vCloud Air or any other vCloud based service provider. 


Register your vCenter server and NSX manager with HCX cloud appliance. 


Specify PSC IP/FQDN to configure SSO on HCX cloud appliance. 


Configure public access url for the hcx cloud appliance. This is the URL where you will connect to manage things.


Restart services before going forward with remaining configuration options.


Once sevrices are restarted, verify that vCenter,NSX and SSO conenction to HCX are in healthy state. 


Verify that all services are up and running.


Associate correct user/groups from vCenter server to HCX Cloud appliance. 


Once you are done with basic configuration, connect to the public url which you have configured for the HCX Cloud appliance.

You will be asked to login via vSphere credentials here.


And if your configuration is correct, you will land to this page.


And that’s it for this post.

In next post of this series, we will pair the HCX Enterprise appliance with the HCX cloud appliance and walk through next steps.

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