Learning HCX-Part 4: HCX Site Pairing

In this post we will be pairing the HCX-Enterprise appliance with the HCX-Cloud to start consuming HCX features.

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Site pairing task is straight forward and it should compelte without any issue if all your configuration is correct. However In my lab I was getting an error “untrusted ssl connection” when trying to do site pairing.

If you are testing HCX in your lab environment, then for fixing this issue please read this article

 To pair HCX-Enterprise with HCX-Cloud, login to your on-premise vCenter Web Client and click on HCX plugin and go to Site Pairings tab.


Click on Register new connection.


Specify the public url of your HCX cloud appliance (we configured this while deploying the hcx cloud)

Specify the vCenter administrator user name. This is a user which you have specified in vSphere Role Mapping task. 


Once cloud site is paired, select the components which you want to deploy. and hit Next.


I choose to deploy the Cloud Gateway component. You need to fill the IP address and placement options etc for CGW.


On Ready to Complete page, review your settings and hit finish. 


And after a minute or so, you will see that site pairing has been completed and status is up. 


And that’s it for this post.

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