VCAP6-DCV Deploy Study Guide

By | 29/12/2017

Section 1 – Create and Deploy vSphere 6.x Infrastructure Components

Objective 1.1 – Perform Advanced ESXi Host Configuration

Objective 1.2 – Deploy and Configure Core Management Infrastructure Components

Objective 1.3 – Deploy and Configure Update Manager Components

Objective 1.4 – Perform Advanced Virtual Machine Configurations

Section 2 – Deploy and Manage a vSphere 6.x Storage Infrastructure

Objective 2.1 – Implement Complex Storage Solutions

Objective 2.2 – Manage Complex Storage Solutions

Objective 2.3 – Troubleshoot Complex Storage Solutions

Section 3 – Deploy and Manage a vSphere 6.x Network Infrastructure

Objective 3.1 – Implement and Manage vSphere Standard Switch (vSS) Networks

Objective 3.2 – Implement and Manage vSphere 6.x Distributed Switch (vDS) Networks

Objective 3.3 – Scale a vSphere 6.x Network Implementation

Objective 3.4 – Troubleshoot a vSphere 6.x Network Implementation

Section 4 – Configure a vSphere Deployment for Availability and Scalability

Objective 4.1 – Implement and Maintain Complex vSphere Availability Solutions

Objective 4.2 – Implement and Manage Complex DRS solutions

Objective 4.3 – Troubleshoot vSphere clusters

Section 5 – Configure a vSphere Deployment for Manageability

Objective 5.1 – Execute VMware Cmdlets and Customize Scripts Using PowerCLI

Objective 5.2 – Implement and Maintain Host Profiles

Objective 5.3 – Manage and analyze vSphere log files

Objective 5.4 – Configure and manage Content Library

Section 6 – Configure a vSphere Deployment for Performance

Objective 6.1 – Utilize Advanced vSphere Performance Monitoring Tools

Objective 6.2 – Optimize Virtual Machine resources

Section 7 – Configure a vSphere 6.x Environment for Recoverability

Objective 7.1- Deploy and manage vSphere Replication

Objective 7.2 – Deploy and Manage vSphere Data Protection

 Objective 7.3 – Backup and Recover vSphere Configurations

Section 8 – Configure a vSphere 6.x Environment for Security

Objective 8.1 – Manage authentication and end-user security

Objective 8.2 – Manage SSL certificates

Objective 8.3 – Harden a vSphere 6.x Deployment

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