vCenter User has not been assigned a role on vShield Manager

Problem: Today I faced a new problem in my home lab when I was trying to install the vShield components on my Esxi Hosts. Selecting the Esxi host and navigation to vShield tab was displaying an error

” vCenter User ‘Alex\vcadmin’ has not been assigned a role on vShield Manager”


Reason: The reason for this error was I had not defined any role for the vCenter user (vcadmin in my case) on vShield manager appliance.

Resolution: To fix this issue login to web interface of vShield Manager, select Settings and Reports and navigate to Users tab and click on Add button to add a new user. Read More

Building a Private Cloud with vCloud Director-Part 6: Configuring vShield Manager

In our last post Installing vShield Manager we learnt what vShield Manager is and how to deploy it. This post will cover the steps needed for configuring the vShield appliance for first use. So let’s start.

Powering-on the vShield Manager VM will give you following console. Unfortunately there is no other way around than configuring it directly from the console for the first time.

Login with the “admin” user and password which you set during deploying the appliance. Sometime you will get an error that “system startup is not complete. Please logout and log back in after a few minutes” Read More

Building a Private Cloud with vCloud Director-Part 5: Installing vShield Manager

In our last post  Installing vCloud Director we learnt how to install vCloud director on Redhat Server. Before jumping into configuring the vCloud director appliance we will install one more component of vCloud Suite i.e. vShield Manager.

What is vShield  Manager aka vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS)?

vShield Manager is now known as vCloud Networking and Security and it provides firewall protection, traffic analysis, and network perimeter services to protect your vCenter Server virtual infrastructure. It is also abbreviated as vCNS. Read More