Automating vROPs Tenant Appliance Deployment & Configuration via API

In my previous post on vROPs Tenant Appliance for vCD, I covered steps of manual deployment & configuration. In this post I will cover how we can achieve this via CLI/API.

These API’s can be leveraged via any scripting language to automate the deployment of vROPs TA.

Step 1: Deploy vROPs Tenant Appliance via ovftool

As of now there is no API for automating deployment of appliance via API, so we will use ovftool for this purpose.

Step 2: Get Authentication Token Read More

Install & Configure vCD Management Pack in vROPs via API

In this post I will walk through steps of installing vCD Management Pack in vROPS via API. Installation of management pack is leveraged via vROPS CaSA API. Adapter configuration is done via regular suite-api. 

What is vROps CaSA API?

CaSA stands for Cluster and Slice Administration. The CaSA API manages the internal working of vRealize Operations Manager and runs on a standalone vFabric tcServer. CaSA API can be explored directly from vROPs by typing https://<vrops-fqdn>/casa/api-guide.html

Install and Configure vCD Management Pack & Adapter Read More

Configuring vCenter Adapter in vROPs via API

In this post we will learn how to install Management Packs in vROPs via API. 

For vCenter we don’t have to install any management pack as its shipped with vROPs by default and we just have to create vCenter credentials and configure adapter. Below steps can be followed to configure VC adapter.

1: Obtain Session Token: vROPs session token is obtained via POST call. 

Sample Output:

The token id obtained in output is passed as “Authorization: vRealizeOpsToken token_value” header in all subsequent GET and POST calls. Read More

Getting Started With vROPs Tenant App For vCloud Director 10.x

In this post I will walk through step by step installation for vRealize Operations Manager Tenant App for vCloud Director. But before I jump into lab, I want to take a moment to explain what this solution is all about and how it looks like from architectural point of view.

What is vROPs Tenant App for vCloud Director?

vROPs Tenant App is a solution which helps in exposing vRops performance metrics to tenants in a vCD environment. Each tenant can only see metrics data relevant to their organization.

From a service provider point of view, this is an awesome solution as Tenant App enables tenants to have complete visibility of performance metrics of their environment. If an environment is not performing as per expectations, tenants can leverage this solution to root cause analysis of performance issue and they can perform L1-L2 level of maintenance/troubleshooting tasks themselves without raising service tickets with service providers.  Read More