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vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Failover

Disaster Recovery to vCloud Air is now a tested and reliable solution and helps customer to replicate their critical workloads to vCloud Air so that in event of Disaster in on-premise, customer can recover their workloads and continue their operation without much impact

vCloud Air Data Protection:Part-1:Introduction

Everybody knows how important is to backup your critical workloads in your infrastructure. The need to protect workloads is the same whether it’s onsite or in the cloud.vCloud Air Data Protection services ensures business continuity for the workloads which are running in your

vCloud Air Pricing Calculator

If you are looking for vCloud Air solution but don’t know about about vCloud Air offerings and associated prices, don’t worry. VMware has solution to this problem.

The vCloud Air Pricing Calculators below are available to help you estimate your costs of using various

Disaster Recovery with vCloud Air

Why you need DR solution?

Business continuity and disaster recovery are paramount for ensuring your business critical environment, data, and online presence are available with minimal downtime. The availability services offered on vCloud Air help ensure that your data is protected, recoverable, and accessible

vCloud Air: External Catalog Publishing

I am running my lab on top of vCloud Air and I have 2 organizations created in vCloud Air, one in Australia and one in US. I have all lab components running in Australia location and was setting another environment in US which