Automating vCloud Usage Meter Deployment & Configuration via API

In my last Post I covered manual steps of vCloud Usage Meter deployment & configuration. In this post I will show how we can leverage Usage Meter API’s to perform end to end configuration.

Usage Meter Deployment: There is no API for UM deployment and we have to stick to ovftool method for this step.

Once Usage meter boots up, we can leverage below API calls to perform end to end configuration. 

1: Get Authentication Token

Response Output: We need to grab value of “sessionid” from output response. Further API calls will be authenticated using sessionid.  Read More

Installing & Configuring vCloud Usage Meter

What is Usage Meter?

vCloud Usage Meter is an on-premises virtual appliance that is used to collect and generate reports for Cloud Provider Partners (VCPP) to send back to VMware for monthly billing of usage.

Usage Meter collects usage of most of the VMware products that are installed in cloud providers datacenter. Current version of Usage Meter (4.1) supports usage collection from following endpoints:


How Usage Meter collects and report monthly product consumption data, is explained Here

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