Troubleshooting Edge Gateway Deployment Failure in vCloud Air

Today while working on one of the production issue, I came across situation where I deployed a new vDC from vCloud Air portal, but after the vDC was created successfully, I was not able to list the edge gateways/org networks for this vDC.


On checking vCloud Director, I found that edge gateway creation failed and was showing below errors:

 I logged in Web Client and navigated to Administration > Licenses view and was bot able to see any licenses there. This was a bit strange. I understood right at that moment that there is some issue with licensing service. Read More

Configuring Syslog Settings on Edge Gateway in vCloud Air via Rest API

Recently I deployed syslog server in my vCloud Lab and was looking for a way to send Edge gateway logs to my syslog server. This post in focused on how to configure edge gateway syslog settings. 

VMware vCloud® Air supports the ability for customers to collect information about traffic coming to and from their edge gateway through the use of a syslog server. By configuring edge gateway to transfer log data to your syslog server, you can then set up alerts or notifications and build reports with your preferred tools. Read More

vCloud Air: Access Your Linux Server Over SSH From Outside

This week while working in my lab, I came across a situation where I wanted to run few commands on my linux server which is running in vCloud Air. To access my lab from outside I have configured a Windows jump server and from there I access my lab components (using SSH or RDP to other server). At times it is annoying to switch back and forth between your home desktop and the RDP session.

I went ahead and configured my main Linux server to access it over SSH directly from my home computer (without logging into my windows jump server). Read More

vCloud Air Pricing Calculator

If you are looking for vCloud Air solution but don’t know about about vCloud Air offerings and associated prices, don’t worry. VMware has solution to this problem.

The vCloud Air Pricing Calculators below are available to help you estimate your costs of using various vCloud Air services. Configure the type of service and features you’re looking for and get pricing information quickly.

vCloud Air offers many solution including Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Cloud and Disaster Recovery. To know more about service offerings login to vCloud Air Portal and select service offerings to see list of all services offered. Read More

vCloud Air: External Catalog Publishing

I am running my lab on top of vCloud Air and I have 2 organizations created in vCloud Air, one in Australia and one in US. I have all lab components running in Australia location and was setting another environment in US which will be exact replica of Australia.

I have my vApp templates and ISO media files uploaded in catalog at Australia location, and in order to setup everything from scratch, I needed to upload everything again in US location.

I was looking for a solution where I can share resources from one location to another in vCloud Air and then came across a cool concept of “External Catalog Publishing”. This feature was introduced in vCloud Director 5.5 Read More