vCloud Air Data Protection:Part-3: Restore a Deleted VM From Backup

In last post of this series Virtual Machine Backup we had a look into how to configure Data Protection Service on a Virtual Datacenter and how to take backup of a virtual machine.

In this post we will learn how to recover a VM from the backup.

To learn more about DPS I would recommend reading first 2 posts of this series from below links

1: Introduction to vCloud Air Data Protection

2: Taking Virtual Machine Backup using DPS

Let’s jump into lab now and see how restore works within DPS.

1: Login to vCloud Air and Navigate to Data Protection tab and select any VM on which you have previously taken backup. Read More

vCloud Air Data Protection:Part-2: Virtual Machine Backup

In last post of this series Introduction to DPS we had a look on what DPS is and how it works. We also discussed the benefits which a customer can get via DPS for his critical workloads running in vCloud Air.

In this post we will look into how to configure Org vDC’s for backups, edit backup policies and how to take backup of a VM.

Prerequisites for DPS:

1: You should have a Dedicated/Virtual Private Cloud Instance running in vCloud Air

2: You should have purchased DPS subscription.

Lets jump into lab now. Read More

vCloud Air Data Protection:Part-1:Introduction

Everybody knows how important is to backup your critical workloads in your infrastructure. The need to protect workloads is the same whether it’s onsite or in the cloud.vCloud Air Data Protection services ensures business continuity for the workloads which are running in your vCloud Air environment.

So what is vCloud Air Data Protection exactly?  

VMware vCloud® Air Data Protection offers secure, policy-based backup and recovery in the cloud for virtual machines hosted exclusively on vCloud Air. It is an agent-less, self-service, policy-driven backup and recovery service with works on the principle of image-level backups. Read More