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Refresh/Regenerate/Replace Esxi 6.0 SSL Certificates

To improve security in your virtualized environment, it is advisable to use the signed certificates because  ‘self-signed’ certificate will not be trusted by default in it’s communications with other systems. There are various ways to deploy signed certificates on your Esxi

Using Custom Certificates in vSphere Replication

In this post we will be working on using a custom signed certificates (CA Signed) on vSphere Replication Appliance.

Unlike vCenter Server, there is no automated way of replacing the default certificates on VR appliance and all it needs a bit of manual effort.

Lesson Learnt While Working With SSL Certificates

From last 2 days I was working on using signed certificates for my vSphere lab and was determined to replace my self-signed certificate with signed certificate generated by my CA server.

I have written a blog post on how to setup CA server and