Install & Configure vCD Management Pack in vROPs via API

In this post I will walk through steps of installing vCD Management Pack in vROPS via API. Installation of management pack is leveraged via vROPS CaSA API. Adapter configuration is done via regular suite-api. 

What is vROps CaSA API?

CaSA stands for Cluster and Slice Administration. The CaSA API manages the internal working of vRealize Operations Manager and runs on a standalone vFabric tcServer. CaSA API can be explored directly from vROPs by typing https://<vrops-fqdn>/casa/api-guide.html

Install and Configure vCD Management Pack & Adapter

1: Upload vCD Management Pack: First we need to upload vCD MP to vROPs via POST call. 

Note: I am executing all API calls via Postman. If you have never used postman to upload files to server, then please read this post for instructions.

Sample Output: Make a note of pak_id from response output. We need to pass pak_id in next call for installing MP.

2: Install vCD Management Pack

Sample Output: Response output of above call will return 2 URL’s which we can use to track status of MP install.

3: Check MP Installation Status

Sample Output: When MP install in progress, cluster_pak_install_status will return CANDIDATE. Once MP installation is completed, cluster_pak_install_status” returns status COMPLETED in response output.

4: Create vCD Credentials

Sample Output: Response output of above POST call returns ID for credential in response. We need this id in next API call for configuring vCD Adapter.

5: Configure vCD Adapter

Sample Output: Make a note of adapter id from response output. Adapter uuid corresponds to field “id” in output. We need this id when we are going to kick data collection from vCD adapter.

Note: Below output is a trimmed output. The actual output is a slightly big json which we need to pass in next API call.

6: Patch vCD Adapter:  In this step we tell vROPS to start trusting certs returned by vCD.

7: Start vCD Data Collection

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