vRLI Distributed Install/Upgrade via vRSLCM API

In my last Post I demonstrated how to install and upgrade a distributed vROPs via vRSLCM API. In this post I will walk through how to perform install/upgrade a distributed vRLI environment.

Steps for deploying/upgrading any vRealize product via vRSLCM API are pretty much same, only the json payload varies. 

vRLI Deployment Procedure

Step 1: Pre-Validate Environment Creation

Sample Output

2: Check Status of Pre-validation

Sample Trimmed Output

3: Start Clustered vRLI Deployment

4: Check Environment Creation Status

Sample Output:

vRLI Upgrade Procedure

1: Fetch Repo URL for vRLI Upgrade

Sample Output

2: Pre-validate vRLI Upgrade

Sample Output

3: Check Pre-Validate Report

Sample Output:

4: Perform vRLI Upgrade

5: Check Upgrade Status

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