Deleting Workload Domain in VMware Cloud Foundation

In last post of this series, we learnt how to deploy a workload domain via SDDC Manager. In this post we will learn how to delete it. 

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To delete a workload domain, login to SDDC Manager and navigate to Inventory > Workload Domains and from Action menu select “Delete Domain


Type the name of the domain and click on Delete Workload Domain button.


The delete workload domain workflow will be called. Wait for an hour or so for workflow to complete. Typically you will see below tasks getting executed during domain deletion. 


The host status will report as “Need Cleanup”. What that mean is we need to wipe out the configuration that was done on Esxi hosts prior to workload domain deployment. 

Note: All Esxi hosts that were part of workload domain, needs to be reset to default settings before they can be used again in new workload domain. 


To cleanup hosts, click on Unassigned hosts and select all the hosts with “Need Cleanup” status and click on Decommision Selected Hosts. 


Click on confirm button to proceed. 


Decommission Host workflow will be called and it takes roughly 10-15 minutes for host cleanup. 


Now the hosts that were decommissioned, will disappear from inventory and we need to commission those hosts first before deploying a new workload domain. 


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