Upgrading Clustered vRLI Deployment

In this post I will walk through steps of upgrading a clustered vRLI deployment. Before preparing for upgrade, make sure to read VMware documentation for the supported upgrade path.

One very important consideration before you start upgrading vRLI:

Upgrading vRealize Log Insight must be done from the master node’s FQDN. Upgrading using the Integrated Load Balancer IP address is not supported.

To start vRLI upgrade, login to the web interface of master node and navigate to Administration > Cluster and click on Upgrade Cluster button.

Note: In my lab I am upgrading vRLI from 4.5 to 4.6. Upgrade bundle for this version is available here


Hit Upgrade button to start upgrade.

Note: Make sure you have taken snapshots of the master/worker nodes before starting the upgrade.


Upload the .pak upgrade bundle file. 


On accepting EULA, upgrade process starts. 



Wait for 5-7 minutes for upgrade to complete. 


Upgrade is performed in a rolling fashion. Master node is upgraded first and then the worker nodes. All nodes are rebooted during upgrade process. 


And there you go. Upgrading vRLI is not that tough 😉


And that’s it for this post. 

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