Configuring AD Authentication in vRealize Log Insight

vRealize Log Insight supports 3 Authentication methods:

  • Local authentication.
  • VMware Identity Manager authentication.
  • Active Directory authentication.

You can use more than one method in the same deployment and users then select the type of authentication to use at log in.

To AD authentication to vRLI, login to web interface and navigate to Administration > Authentication page


Switch to Active Directory tab and toggle the “Enable Active Directory support” button.


Specify your domain related details and hit Test Connection button to test whether vRLI is able to talk to AD or not. Hit Save button if test is successful. 


Now we need to specify the users/groups who should have access to vRLI. To do so navigate to Access Control tab and select “Users and Groups” and click on New User to add an AD account.


Select AD as authentication method and specify the domain name and the user who should have access to vRLI. Under Roles select the role mapping for the user and hit save.



Logout the admin user and login to vRLI using your AD account. 

Note: Pass your username as plain username and do not append @your-domain-name


And that’s it. We have successfully added AD authentication to vRLI. 

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