Unregistering a Cluster from Prism Central

Once a cluster have been registered to Prism central, unregistering it via Prism UI is no longer available. This option was removed to reduce the risk of accidentally unregistering a cluster because several features require Prism Central to run your clusters.

If a cluster is unregistered from Prism Central, not only will these features not be available but the configuration for them may also be erased.

Unregistering a cluster can be done via CLI. Please follow below steps for removing a cluster from PC.

Note: The below steps assumes that you have not configured Nutanix Calm, Self Service Portal and Micro-segmentation etc in your Prism central. If these are configured then please follow KB 4944 for unregistration process.

1: Log on to any Controller vm of the registered cluster and verify cluster is healthy by running command: cluster status

2: Enable “remove-from-multicluster” option in the nCLI by running cmd: ncli -h true


3: Unregister the cluster from Prism Central by running command: 

$ multicluster remove-from-multicluster external-ip-address-or-svm-ips=pc-name-or-ip username=pc-username password=pc-password force=true


Cluster unregistration take a minute or so. To check if the process has completed, run the command: multicluster get-cluster-state

4: Obtain Cluster UUID by running command: cluster info


5: Log on to the Prism Central VM over SSH session via nutanix user and run the unregistration clean-up script:

python /home/nutanix/bin/unregistration_cleanup.py uuid

Note: Replace uuid by cluster uuid which you obtained in step 4.


6: Fetch Prism Central UUID by running command: ncli cluster info


7: Go back to the CVM and run the unregistration_cleanup.py script to complete the unregistration process on the cluster.

$ python /home/nutanix/bin/unregistration_cleanup.py uuid

Here uuid is the Prism Central uuid obtained in step 6.


After performing these steps you can re-register the cluster with a new or re-created Prism Central instance.

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