vCloud Extender-Part 3: Tenant (On-Premise) Setup

In last post of this series we covered the deployment/configuration steps in the cloud provider side. In this post we will learn about how to configure the on-premise (tenant) environment.

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To connect the Tenant environment with the cloud provider, we need to deploy an instance of vCloud Extender in the on-premise. Deployment is more or less same like service provider side, but with difference that we select deployment type as “cx-connector” a shown in below screenshot.

CX-Tenant-Setup (1)

Once appliance is deployed and boots up, it will give you URL for the further configuration of appliance.

CX-Tenant-Setup (2)

Connect to https://CX-Appliance-FQDN/ui/mgmt and login with user administrator and password set during deployment of appliance.

CX-Tenant-Setup (3)

On the home page click on Setup Wizard button to start configuring the appliance.

CX-Tenant-Setup (4)

Register the appliance with the on-prem vCenter server lookup service.

Hit Next to continue.

CX-Tenant-Setup (5)

Accept the SSL certificate presented by vCenter appliance.

CX-Tenant-Setup (6)

Hit Next once On-Prem vCenter returns successful registration message.

CX-Tenant-Setup (7)

Next is to register the vCloud Extender plugin with vCenter server. Hit next once it is done.

CX-Tenant-Setup (8)

Deploy the replicator appliance by filling up relevant details as shown below. A new VM will be deployed in On-Prem via ovftool.

CX-Tenant-Setup (9)

On Activate Replicator page punch in password for root user and register the Replicator appliance with lookup service.

Also set the public endpoint url for the replicator appliance.

CX-Tenant-Setup (11)

Once replicator is activated, hit finish to complete the configuration wizard.

CX-Tenant-Setup (12)

Navigate around tabs to verify the appliance registration with vCenter server and lookup service etc.

CX-Tenant-Setup (13).PNG

CX-Tenant-Setup (14)

We have not done any configuration yet for Layer 2 Extension so this tab shows no info. We will cover this configuration part in later post of this series.

CX-Tenant-Setup (15)

Logout and login from the vCenter Web-Client to verify presence of vCloud Extender plugin.

CX-Tenant-Setup (16)

And that’s it for this post.

Below is a video presentation of step by step deployment of Tenant side.

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