vCloud Availability for Cloud-to-Cloud DR-Part 3: Site Pairing

In last post of this series we configured the vCAV-C2C appliance for both Site A & B. In this post we will learn how to perform site pairing so that tenants can start replicating workloads between 2 cloud instances.

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To perform site pairing, login to vCAV-C2C appliance of site A by connecting to https://VCAV-FQDN:8046 and navigating to Sites > New Site and enter IP/FQDN of VCAV appliance of Site B.


Accept the SSL certificate.


If your configuration is correct, you will see a succesful site pairing message.


Under Sites > Show all sites, you can see the pairing information.


On diagnostics page you can verify health of Site A & B


And that’s it for this post. In next post of this series we will perform replication of workloads across 2 cloud.

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