vCloud Availability for vCloud Director-Part-2-Architecture & Components

In first post of this series we discussed about what is vCloud Availability solution and what problem are we solving by using this product. In this post we will discuss about the architecture of VCAV and what are the components needed to create a full-fledged DRaaS solution using VCAV.

vCloud Availability Logical Architecture

Basically the architecture relies solely on service provider environment. There can be a slight differences in components that different service provider uses. Typical components can include what is visible in below diagram.

Components shown in gray color are the components which tenant and service provider have already deployed in their side. Colored components are the one which we will be deploying later in this series.

vCloud Availability Components

Below table taken fro m VMware docs explains high level overview of components needed for setting up a VCAV environment.


And that’s it for this post.

In the upcoming posts of this series, we will deploy these components one by one.

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