Enabling Zerto Plugin in vSphere 6 WebClient

By | 10/04/2018

While working with Zerto in my lab, I noticed one weird thing that Zrto plugin was not automatically integrated with vSphere Web Client. Same plugin was visible in vSphere thick client though. That’s why I said its a bit weird as VMware wants to get rid of C# client and not much development is being done for it.

All new features of VMware is not only available in Web Client and now I am used of it. So I was looking for if there is any way to enable the plugin in Web Client and then I came across this article by virtubytes. Although the article is written for vSphere 6.5, but the solution worked in vSphere 6.0 as well.

Here are the steps for enabling zerto plugin in Web Client.

1: SSH to vCenter in question and enable bash shell.

2: Navigate to directory “/etc/vmware/vsphere-client/” and backup webclient.properties file.

3: Edit webclient.properties in VI editor and enable script plug-in support by inserting a line “scriptPlugin.enabled = trueat the end of the file. Save the file by pressing escape + wq

4: Restart Web Client service

mgmt-drvc01:/etc/vmware/vsphere-client # service-control –stop vsphere-client
INFO:root:Service: vsphere-client, Action: stop
Service: vsphere-client, Action: stop
2018-04-10T14:19:59.885Z Running command: [‘/sbin/service’, u’vsphere-client’, ‘status’]
2018-04-10T14:20:00.018Z Done running command
2018-04-10T14:20:00.018Z Running command: [‘/sbin/service’, u’vsphere-client’, ‘stop’]
2018-04-10T14:20:05.469Z Done running command
2018-04-10T14:20:05.469Z Successfully stopped service vsphere-client

mgmt-drvc01:/etc/vmware/vsphere-client # service-control –start vsphere-client
INFO:root:Service: vsphere-client, Action: start
Service: vsphere-client, Action: start
2018-04-10T14:20:35.836Z Done running command
2018-04-10T14:20:35.837Z Running command: [‘/sbin/service’, u’vsphere-client’, ‘start’]
2018-04-10T14:20:39.671Z Done running command
2018-04-10T14:20:39.671Z Successfully started service vsphere-client

5: Login to vSphere Web Client and navigate to vCenter Server > Classic Solutions and you should see the zerto plugin now. 


And thats it for this post.

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