vRealize Automation 7.3-Simple Installation: Part 3: Installing IaaS DB

One of the requirement for installing vRA is to have a database server for IaaS components. This DB server can reside on same host where IaaS role will be configured or can be external to IaaS host.

To see list of supported database that can be used for IaaS DB, please see vRealize Automation Support Matrix document from VMware. 

Below table shows list of database that is suported with vRA 6.x/7.x


Note: Express versions of MSSQL are not supported. If you don’t have MSSQL enterprise edition for lab setup and you want to use express edition in your lab then please see this article by Rob Bastiaansen.

Hardware Requirements for database server: 

  • CPU: 2 vCPU
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Disk: 40 GB

MSSQL Installation

Launch the MSSQL installer and click on “New SQL server stand-alone installation”


If you are using licensed version of MSSQL, then enter the product key.


Accept Eula and hit Next.


Optionally you can chose to get Microsoft updates for MSSQL.


Make sure all tests pass for installation. If you see anything in red here fix it before proceeding. 


Select “SQL Server feature installation” and hit next.


Select following features: Database Engine Services, Client Tools, Management Tools


Select default instance and hit next. 


Set the startup type for services to automatic and if you wish you can use the service account for running the sql service. 


Select Mixed Mode and set password for sql “SA” account. Also add the user account which will have admin rights on this sql server instance.  


Click install to start the installation purpose.


SQL installation can take sometime to complete. Be patient. 


And thats it. SQL server is successfully installed now. You can test connecting to database via SQL server management studio.


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