Failed to communicate with NSX Edge vm. Error code VIX_E_PROGRAM_NOT_STARTED was returned by VIX API

Today while working on one production issue, I came across one incident where I was unable to delete one of the Org Network in vCloud Director. I observed following errors in vCD UI for the Org network deletion failure:

On checking vcloud-container.debug.log I observed similar log entries as seen in vCD UI

This was entirely new error for me so I started googling this around and unfortunately did not found helpful article. The only article which I got for this error was this but of no use for me. 

So I started my troubleshooting from edge level. I Found that the edge gateway in vCloud Director was complaining about edge backing VM’s was not reachable.  


At vCenter level I found both the edge backing VM’s were intact and was running. I tried performing a force sync on edge gateway from vCenter Web-Client but the operation failed.

At this point I could have sneaked into vsm.log (or show manager log follow) on NSX manager to see what went wrong, but since the ticket on which I was working was for deprovision of environment so I decided not waste time into reading logs and went ahead for Edge Gateway redeploy.

Once the redeploy was completed, edge gateway status changed to healthy in vCD. I quickly verified Edge gateway HA status in backend and found HA was established back between the edge VM’s

So I went ahead with performing the delete operation of the Org network and this time it went through without any further issues. At vCenter I was able to confirm that network was deleted cleanly.

vCD too was happy with the successful deletion of network


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