vCloud Air Pricing Calculator

If you are looking for vCloud Air solution but don’t know about about vCloud Air offerings and associated prices, don’t worry. VMware has solution to this problem.

The vCloud Air Pricing Calculators below are available to help you estimate your costs of using various vCloud Air services. Configure the type of service and features you’re looking for and get pricing information quickly.

vCloud Air offers many solution including Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Cloud and Disaster Recovery. To know more about service offerings login to vCloud Air Portal and select service offerings to see list of all services offered.


Once you have selected a suitable service for your organization, you can calculate how much that service is gonna cost you . To do a self calculation login to Public Configurator website.

Select the appropriate program type. Recently VMware has switched the pricing method to SPP credits. Hit continue after selecting the program type.


Next is to select your Country and Customer Type. Continue after making the selection.


Select VMware vCloud Air and hit continue.


Select your region and service type


Select storage type, number of months for which you want to use the service and billing type. After making the selection, hit Next to continue.


If you want to add any Add-On to your selected service type, you can do so from below page.


After making the selection, you can see a consolidated view of selected services/Add-On and total price for your selection.

You can also export the result to Excel.


Note: You can also use this link to use the pricing calculator for various service offerings from vCloud Air.



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