Setup SSL Certificate For vSphere Lab-Part-3-Creating SSL Web Certificates Template for VMware

In this post we are going to cover the SSL Web Certificate creation for VMware. If you have missed earlier posts of this series I would recommend reading them first from below links:

1: Installing and Configuring CA Server

2: Creating Certificate Templates

Lets begin with creating SSL Web certificates for VMware.

1: Launch the Certificate Authority MMC and navigate to Certificate Templates folder. Right click the folder and select Manage.


2: From the displayed list of templates, select Web Server template and right click on it and select Duplicate Template.


3: Select the Server 2008 Enterprise option. You can also choose Server 2003 option if you are looking for backward compatibility. Hit OK.


4: Provide a new name for this template. Modify the validity period and renewal period if you want longer period of time for this option and don’t want to go with default time period. Hit Apply OK.


5: Navigate to Extensions tab and select the Key Usage Extension and click on Edit button.


6: Select the “Signature is proof of origin and “allow encryption of user data” check box. Hit OK.


7: Now under Extensions tab select “Application Policies” extension and hit edit button.


8: Add Client Authentication to the list of policies.Hit OK.


9: Now right click on Certificate Template folder and choose New> Certificate Template to Issue.


10: Select the Lab-SSL certificate template which we just created. Hit OK.


So now we have finished creating SSL Web Certificate template for VMware infrastructure. In next post of this series we will see how to request and add the SSL certificates to our infrastructure. Stay Tuned!!!

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