vRealize Automation- Creating a Service

Self-Service catalog is a new way of managing Catalog Items. Service categories organizes catalog items into related offerings to enable end users to browse catalog items they needed in an easier and convenient way.

In vRA Blueprints are published which enables them to be assigned to users and groups through the catalog management components of the vRA Service Catalog. In earlier version of vCAC Blueprints were assigned to groups within the Blueprint itself.

To enable blueprints to be available in the catalog we first need a service that we can publish them to. Services are the containers that hold the actual catalog items that can be requested.

We must have at least one service in the environment to enable our catalog items against.

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In this post we will create a new service for the catalogs.

Create a new Service

Login to vRA Console using Tenant administrator credentials.


Navigate to Administration -> Catalog Management -> Services. Click on the “+” sign to add a new service.


Provide a name for your service, choose an icon to represent your service, mark the status as active, and click add to create your new service


The newly created service will be visible under services. select the service and click on “Manage Catalog Item”


Click on “+” button


Choose the new catalog item to associate it with this service. Click Add.


select the newly created service from catalog items and click on Configure button.


Choose an icon and make the status as active and click on update button.


With this we completed creating a Service and associate a catalog item with this service.

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