Troubleshooting Datastore Cluster Disappearance Issue in vCloud Director

By | 29/08/2015

Today I was facing a weird issue in my vCloud Lab. All my datastores have disappeared from vCloud Director and the storage policy was not showing any datastore. I have included a few snapshots from my lab here:

1: Storage Policies was not listing any datastore


2: Selecting Datastore and Datastore Cluster was not listing any datastore either


3: Due to this my Provider vDC was not able to see any datastores


4: And since Provider vDC had no visibility to any datastore, my Organization vDC was throwing this alert


This was strange as till last night everything was all right in my lab.

I started googling and got a cool VMware KB 2075366 which helped me in resolving my issue.

This is what I done to resolve the issue:

1: SSH to my vCloud Director Server and navigated to directory /opt/vmware/vcloud/bin and fired the following commands:

[root@vcd bin]# ./cell-management-tool -u svcvcloud -p MYPassword cell –quiesce true
[root@vcd bin]# service vmware-vcd stop

2: Login to SQL Server Management Studio and selected my vCloud Database and ran the following SQL query

Note: Before running the below query make sure you have taken backup of your database

delete from dbo.cluster_compute_resource_inv;
delete from dbo.compute_resource_inv;
delete from dbo.custom_field_manager_inv;
delete from dbo.datacenter_inv;
delete from dbo.datacenter_network_inv;
delete from dbo.datastore_inv;
delete from dbo.datastore_profile_inv
delete from dbo.dv_portgroup_inv;
delete from dbo.dv_switch_inv;
delete from dbo.folder_inv;
delete from dbo.managed_server_inv;
delete from dbo.managed_server_datastore_inv;
delete from dbo.managed_server_network_inv;
delete from dbo.network_inv;
delete from dbo.resource_pool_inv;
delete from dbo.storage_pod_inv;
delete from dbo.storage_profile_inv;
delete from dbo.task_inv;
delete from dbo.vm_inv;
delete from dbo.property_map;

DELETE FROM qrtz_simple_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_fired_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_cron_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_job_listeners;
DELETE FROM qrtz_scheduler_state;
DELETE FROM qrtz_blob_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_paused_trigger_grps;
DELETE FROM qrtz_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_job_details;

3: Started the vCloud Service again

[root@vcd bin]# service vmware-vcd start
Starting vmware-vcd-watchdog: [ OK ]
Starting vmware-vcd-cell              [ OK ]

After this when I checked in my vCloud Director web console my datastores were back


All the datastores are visible here:


My provider vDC is now able to see the datastores now


I also came across a few blogs related to same issues. Have a look on those too:


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I hope this post is informational to you. Keep sharing and be sociable.

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