vCenter User has not been assigned a role on vShield Manager

Problem: Today I faced a new problem in my home lab when I was trying to install the vShield components on my Esxi Hosts. Selecting the Esxi host and navigation to vShield tab was displaying an error

” vCenter User ‘Alex\vcadmin’ has not been assigned a role on vShield Manager”


Reason: The reason for this error was I had not defined any role for the vCenter user (vcadmin in my case) on vShield manager appliance.

Resolution: To fix this issue login to web interface of vShield Manager, select Settings and Reports and navigate to Users tab and click on Add button to add a new user.

As you can see in below screenshot vcadmin user is not visible under user list.


Clicking on Add button will pop-up a new window where you have to specify the user details and associate this user with available role.

Select the second option “Specify a vCenter User” and provide the details of username in the format of Domain\username


Hit Next to select the roles for this user.


Hit Next. This page will provide you an option to Limit Scope for this user. Since this is my home lab so I would not mind selecting No Restriction, but in your production environment you may choose limited access scope.


Hit finish to complete the user addition. You have to re-connect to your vCenter server session to make this change effective.

Now selecting the host and clicking on vShield tab will trigger some port-open tasks in vCenter server. You can see this is the recent Task window


Finally the vShield tab will list the available components of vShield Manager that can be installed on a host


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