How to remove “No Management Network Redundancy” warning on vSphere

Today while setting up my lab for vCloud, I noticed all my Esxi hosts were displaying a warning message

“This host currently has no management network redundancy”



This is a very well known issue for hosts that are part of HA enabled cluster and has only one uplink configured for management network. In my Lab also I have the same configuration of having a single uplink.


To disable this message from being displayed, edit the cluster settings, click on vSphere HA, then select the Advanced Settings button, click at the top to edit a row and enter the variable name das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning and enter the value true.  If you then turn off HA and back on again, the warnings will not display.



After setting this value, right click on your Esxi host and select “Reconfigure for vSphere HA”. After this the warning message will disappear.