Changing Download Directory In VMware Software Manager

In my last post I have discussed how to install VMware Software Manager and also discussed that the default directory for downloading the VMware products using this software is C:\depot.

If you have enough space on your C: drive then its fine, you need not to worry. But if at the installation time you didn’t paid attention on how much free space is there in your C: drive (if it is running low on space) and just went with the default option presented at the time of installation then it can be cause of worry because in near future it can fill up all the space on your C: drive and which can cause unwanted effects on your system.

In this post we will learn how to change the default depot location for VMware Software Manager.

You will not find any option in the web interface to change the download directory after installation, so how do you change it? There is a method to change it from GUI.

Locate the VMware Software Manager icon in your system tray.


Right click the software manager icon and select settings and click on “Set Download Location


Clicking on Set Download location will pop-up a window where you can browse to your custom location which will serve as download depot for your software manager and all your downloaded product will be stored in that directory.


After that kill the vsm_download_service.exe process from task manager and restart the program for new download location to take effect.

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