vCenter Server is instead the most critical part of any virtual infrastructure environment. High availability of vCenter server has become very crucial as there are many features which doesn’t work or partially work when your vCenter server is not available. When vCenter server is not designed for availability it can lead to a single point of failure.

There are many changes (related to vCenter Server and its components) done with the release of vCenter Server 6 and thus careful consideration has to be made in the design of its architecture.

Multiple solutions can be used for achieving high availability for vCenter Server. Many of these options can be combined to provide different levels of availability. vSphere HA, FT, vCenter Watchdog services and in guest clustering solutions can be combined depending on customer requirements for availability.

vCenter server 6.0 availability guide can be downloaded from VMware Techresources Library

Some of the topics covered in this book are:

  • Availability Considerations for vCenter Server 6.0.
  • vCenter Server High-Availability Solutions and Configurations.
  • High Availability for the Platform Services Controller.
  • Recovery Options.

So guys if you are looking for deploying vCenter Server 6.0 or already deployed in your environment, then this is a must see document.

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Last Modified: January 12, 2017

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