Today I was checking the VMware flings site and found one very cool fling which I think is worth sharing as it can help you analysing your environment and help you designing in such a way that resources are highly available to you in case of any disaster.

This Fling enables you to perform a what-if analysis for host failures on your infrastructure. You can simulate failure of one or more hosts from a cluster (in vSphere) and identify how many:

  • VMs would be safely restarted on different hosts
  • VMs would fail to be restarted on different hosts
  • VMs would experience performance degradation after restarted on a different host

With this information, you can better plan the placement and configuration of your infrastructure to reduce downtime of your VMs/Services in case of host failures.


Instructions for using this fling

  1. Open to access the web service.
  2. Click on “Simulate Now” to accept the EULA terms, upload the DRM dump file and start the simulation process.
  3. Click on the help icon (at the top right corner) for a detailed description on how to use this service.

This fling can be downloaded from Here

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Last Modified: January 12, 2017

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