Auto deploy is used for PXE booting/installation of Esxi over the network. Unfortunately Auto Deploy can be configured only through command line (PowerCLI) and most of the VMware Admins are not very comfortable with command line initially.

To help solve this problem there is a fling available from VMware called Auto Deploy GUI which can help you in configuring/deploying Esxi servers easily.

The Auto Deploy GUI is a vSphere plug-in for the VMware vSphere Auto Deploy component. The GUI plug-in allows a user to easily manage the setup and deployment requirements in a stateless environment managed by Auto Deploy. Some of the features provided through the GUI include the ability to add/remove Depots, list/create/modify Image Profiles, list VIB details, create/modify rules to map hosts to Image Profiles, check compliance of hosts against these rules and remediate hosts.


Instructions for using Auto Deploy GUI

  1. Download the Auto Deploy GUI Plugin zip file, extract it and double-click the AutodeployGUI5xTP_build number.exe file.
  2. Follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the installation.

For detailed instructions on how to use Auto Deploy GUI  please download the below guide:


The scope of this document is to demonstrate how to configure and use the Auto Deploy
GUI to manage stateless ESXi environments.

This fling can be downloaded from Here

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Last Modified: January 12, 2017

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