Upgrading vSphere 5.1 to vSphere 5.5- Part 6 Upgrading vSphere Web Client

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Now its time to upgrade the web client. Before starting the upgrade process lets discuss the basics about vSphere Web Client

The vSphere Web Client allows you to connect to a vCenter server to manage your vSphere environment through a web browser. Web Client make its entry with version 5.0 but with limited functionality. With further release of vSphere versions Web Client was optimized a lot and now a days VMware is pushing hard to use vSphere web client instead of windows based VI client.

All the new features of vSphere 5.5 can only be performed using vSphere web client and it will not be available in the traditional windows client. In the future release of vSphere version VMware can totally take out the regular C# VI Client and the only choice left will be using Web Client to manage the Virtual Infrastructure. So let’s start upgrading our Web Client to enjoy the new features of 5.5.


1: Launch the installer from the installation directory and select vSphere Web client and hit install.


2: Select the installer language and hit OK.


3: Installer will detect an earlier version of web client installed and warn that it will be upgraded to version 5.5.  Ignore the warning and hit Next.


4: Accept the license agreement and hit Next.


5: Review the web client port information and hit Next.


6: Enter the password for SSO Administrator and hit Next.


7: Installer will present the fingerprint of SSO certificate. Click on Yes.


8: Click on install to start upgrading the web client.


9: Sit and relax and let installer finish the installation.


10: Once the installation is finished click on finish.


11: After the installation is finished a dialogue box will pop up telling us to wait for some time before using web client for the first time.


With this we have completed the upgrade of vSphere Web Client.

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