I/O Analyzer is a fling from VMware development team that provides a simple and standardized approach to storage performance analysis in VMware vSphere environment. I/O Analyzer, supplied as an easy-to-deploy virtual appliance, automates storage performance analysis through a unified interface that can be used to configure and deploy storage tests and view graphical results for those tests.

I/O Analyzer use Iometer to generate synthetic I/O loads or a trace replay tool to deploy real application workloads. It uses the VMware VI SDK to remotely collect storage performance statistics from VMware ESX/ESXi hosts. I/O Analyzer provides a structured way to generate a variety of I/O workloads on the test systems. It collects I/O performance data about the I/O workload run and provides visualization charts of the results.

Some of the cool features of this fling are:

  • Integrated framework for storage performance testing
  • Readily deployable virtual appliance
  • Easy configuration and launch of storage I/O tests on one or more hosts
  • Integrated performance results at both guest and host levels
  • Storage I/O trace replay as an additional workload generator
  • Ability to upload storage I/O traces for automatic extraction of vital metrics
  • Graphical visualization of workload metrics and performance results

IO Analyzer can be downloaded from Here

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Last Modified: January 12, 2017

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