If you install Esx/Esxi 4.0 on Dell R720 server then after installation you will face a problem that your Esxi  server is unable to find NIC’s. This is due to missing NIC’s driver in Esxi 4.0 version. This is a known issue in Dell R720 model. 

You can follow the below mentioned steps to workaround this issue:

1: Download the required drivers from Here

2: Extract the iso image and Use WinSCP to copy the extracted files to a directory on your ESX host.

3: Use putty login to your host and change to the directory that contains the files which you just copied using WinSCP.

4: Put your host into maintenance mode

5: Run the command:

esxupdate –bundle=INT-intel-lad-ddk-igb- update

6: Once the process finishes, reboot your host and exit maintenance mode. Your NIC will be now active.

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Last Modified: October 18, 2014

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