How to remove plugins from vCenter

By | 15/10/2014

Sometimes we register some vmware products to vCenter (e.g vCOPS or Horizon View) for testing purpose and when those products are registered some plugins to manage those products are installed in vCenter. After completion of testing  we deregister the product from vCenter but often forget to remove plugins from there.

In this tutorial I will show you how to remove unwanted plugins from vCenter.

The first step is to identify what are the plugins installed in your vCenter and then find the unwanted plugins.

Open your browser and navigate to http://vcenterservername/mob

Click on content


Now Click on Extension Manager 


Now to delete one of them you will have to click on them. and confirm that the one you are deleting them is the old one. Once you click on the extension that you need a confirmation on. It will take you inside the properties of that extension

Select and copy the name of the plug-in you want to remove from the list of values under Properties



Click UnregisterExtension. A new window appears.


Paste the name of the plug-in and click Invoke Method. This will removes the plug-in.

Close the window.

Refresh the Managed Object Type:ManagedObjectReference:ExtensionManager window to verify if the plug-in is removed successfully.