VMware View 5 Installation-Part 3

Setting UP Connection Server Settings

In my previous post I have discussed how to install connection server and how to login onto administrative console.

Also in earlier posts of this series we discussed the overview of view infrastructure and how to install view composer and view connection server.

In case if you missed those posts then here are the links for that:

Introduction to View Infrastructure

Part-1- Installing View Composer

Part-2- Installing View Connection Server

Lets move ahead and begin with configuring connection server now.

1) First of all provide your license key to server to register it. Enter your license details  and click ok.


2) Add vCenter Server to your view connection server.


Click on add button to add your vCenter Server and provide the relevant details.


After clicking Next you will be present with “Invalid Certificate” warning. Dont loose heart and click on “View Certificate” and click on accept.



On the next page select “View Composer co installed with vCenter server” as we have installed our view composer on vCenter server as shown in Part-1 of this series.


Again an invalid certificate warning will be presented to you. Click on View certificate and accept the certificate



On the next page provide the domain information for view. Only the users who exists in that domain will be able to login to their virtual desktop.


Provide the domain name and the admin user who can authenticate that domain.


Click Next to start configuring storage settings for view environment.


Select Reclaim VM Disk space and Enable View Storage Accelerator check boxes


Click Finish on next screen to finish the configuration.



In the next post of this series we will look into how to configure Event Database for capturing the events that is going on in our view environment.

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