VMware View 5 Installation-Part 5

VMware View-agent Installation

In our earlier post we have seen how to install View Composer and View Connection Server. Also we learnt how to do initial configuration of Connection Server and how to setup Event Database.

In case you missed anything then here is the link to my previous posts of this series:

Introduction to View Infrastructure

Part-1- Installing View Composer

Part-2- Installing View Connection Server

Part-3- Configuring View Connection Server

Part-4-Configuring Event Database for View 5

Lets move onto configuration of view agent on the desktops which end user will be accessing from his thin client or general PC

1) Login to virtual desktop and copy view agent installer there and select your VMware-view-agent installer


2) Click Next


3) Select the components which you want to install.


4) Click install to begin your installation.



5) Click finish to complete the installation


6) Reboot your virtual desktop for changes to take effect


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