VMware View 5 Installation-Part 4

Configuring Event Database for View 5

In our earlier post we have seen how to install View Composer and View Connection Server. Also we learnt how to do initial configuration of Connection Server. Its time to setup Event Database for our View Infrastructure so that we can record all the events.

In case you missed anything then here is the link to my previous posts of this series:

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Lets start with Setting Up Event Database for Horizon View in SQL 2008

1) Login into your vCenter server and Connect to SQL server using Management Studio


2) Use Windows Server authentication or SQL server authentication for logging into SQL


3) Create new database by right clicking on database.


4) Give a name of your choice to database.


5) Right click on the newly created database and go to properties-> options and select recovery option as Simple


6) Now login to admin console of horizon view and go to event configuration under view configuration menu. Click on Edit button to start configuring Event DB.


7) Provide all information related to the SQL database like database server, database name and the credentials used to connect the DB from horizon view.


After providing all the information click on ok and you are done configuring event database for VMware view horizon.

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