VMware View 5 Installation- Part 1

In the previous post of this series we had discussed about “what is view infrastructure and what are the components of view infrastructure. Also we discussed what are the system requirements for installing various components”. In case if you missed that post then here is the link for that

Introduction to View Infrastructure

Now its time to see some action.

Before starting download the View 5 Suite from Vmware View Suite 5.2

View-composer Installation

View composer is installed on vCenter server. For installing view composer you will be requiring 64 bit Server 2008 O.S. Copy view composer exe to your vCenter Server.


Start installation by double clicking the setup file.


Hit next and accept EULA on next screen.


Leave the installation directory path to default.


On next screen provide the ODBC name of your vCenter server and the SQL user account(Admin Priviledges) who will access the database.


It should look like this


Leave the View Composer Port Settings to default on next screen.


Click install on next screen to start with installation.


With this Part 1 of this series is finished. Here are the links for the next posts of this series:

Part-2- Installing View Connection Server

Part-3- Configuring View Connection Server

Part-4-Configuring Event Database for View 5

Part-5-VMware View-agent Installation

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