VMware View 5 Installation-Part 2

In the first post of this series we had discussed about “what is view infrastructure and what are the components of view infrastructure. Also we discussed what are the system requirements for installing various components”.

In my second post I discussed how to install view composer.

In case if you missed previous posts of this series then here is the link for that:

Introduction to View Infrastructure

Part-1- Installing View Composer

Lets move ahead in this series and start installing the most important component of view infrastructure.

Connection-server(Broker) Installation

Copy the connection server binaries to the server where you want to install connecction server role.

1) Run the setup


2) Choose the destination directory where installation files will go.


3) Choose standard server as this is first instance of view connection server.


4) Enter the recovery passwords for data backup of view connection server.


5) If you want that installer should configure your firewall rules automatically then select “configure windows firewall automatically” otherwise choose option 2.


6) Choose the users who will be the view infrastructure administrators. They can be either local administrator or an active directory authenticated user.


7) If you want to help improve VMware you can enable participate anonymously option


8) Choose the install button to start installing connection server.


9) Click the finish button to complete the installation process.


10) To access connection server admin console open your web browser and type the following url:
https://connection-server-ip or name/admin
Accept the certificate to login on to server.


11) Enter your domain credentials which you have given at the time of installation for login onto administrative console.


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