Changing vSphere Client Locale

By default vSphere client will we started in the locale which is defined at your system level. You can very easily change the locale for your vSphere client. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

1: Open Command Prompt and navigate into the directory where VPXClient resides (default is “C:\Program Files\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher”).

Following locales are supported

en_us English
de_de German
fr_fr French
Ja Japanese
Ko Korean
zh_cn Simplified Chinese

2: Start vpxclient.exe –locale xx where xx is the locale which you want to set.

3: For E.g you want to start your vSphere client in Japanese language then type the command

vpxclient.exe –locale ja

Now launch your vSphere client. It will be launched in Japanese language.


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Last Modified: October 4, 2014

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