Problem: Unable to convert a VM with Paravirtual SCSI Disk using VMware Converter 4.3

When we to convert a VM with Paravirtual SCSI Controller, VMware Converter 4.3 throws an error and the task fails with Status:

FAILED: An error occurred during the conversion:

When you start analyzing the log files you will get an errorUnknown controller” is detected.

Reason: VMware Converter 4.3 doesn’t know the Paravirtual Controller!

Resolution: Perform the following steps to resolve this issue

  • Power off the VM
  • Change all Paravirtual controllers to LSI Logic
  • Perform the Conversion on powered off VM and make sure VM is not powered on automatically after convert.
  • Change SCSI controller back to Paravirtual
  • Power on VM

How to Change SCSI Controller

Select the VM and click on Edit Settings. Select the SCSI Controller from devices list and click on change type button.

Note: This is a known bug in VMware Converter 4.3

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Last Modified: October 4, 2014

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