Sometime during  svMotion of a Virtual Machine from one datastore to another you will received the error “The migration has exceeded the maximum switchover time of 100 seconds” . Below one screenshot showing the error.

” A general system error Occurred: The migration has exceeded the maximum switchover time of 100 second(s). ESX has preemptively failed the migration to allow the virtual machine to continue running on the source. To avoid this failure, either increase the maximum allowable switchover time or wait until the virtual machine is performing a less intensive workload.”

In order to fix the issue you have to change some advanced setting and modify virtual machine parameter “fsr.maxSwitchoverSeconds “.

What we are going to modify is changing the switch over time to 150 using the fsr.maxSwitchoverSeconds parameter in the virtual machine edit settings window.

Here are the steps:

  1. To do that changes Open vSphere Client and connect to the ESX/ESXi host or to vCenter Server.
  2.  Locate the virtual machine in the inventory and Power off the virtual machine
  3. Right-click the virtual machine and click Edit Settings -> Click the Options tab
  4. Select the Advanced: General section
  5. Click the Configuration Parameters button
  6. From the Configuration Parameters window, click Add Row
  7. In the Name field, enter the parameter name  fsr.maxSwitchoverSeconds
  8. In the Value field, enter the new timeout value in seconds (for example: 150)
  9. Click the OK buttons twice to save the configuration change
  10. Power on the virtual machine

This should fix the issue.

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Last Modified: May 6, 2014

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