There is a common issue in vsphere 5.0 update1 stating “Upgrade vCenter Agents on cluster hosts is IN Progress” without any status change even after few days. Even after the Management agent, host and vCenter server restart status remain the same.

The issue is related to AgentUpgrade.autoUpgradeAgents parameter which is set to False by default and vCenter keeps trying to upgrade the VPXA agent on the hosts.

Changing “AgentUpgrade.autoUpgradeAgents = True ” and restarting the vCenter server or vCenter services would fix the problem and status would be showing normal.

To Change the settings

  1. Login to vCenter server
  2. Click Administration > vCenter Server Setting > Advanced Settings
  3. Change AgentUpgrade.autoUpgradeAgents to “True”
  4. Restart vCenter services/vCenter server
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Last Modified: January 12, 2017

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