Virtual machine stop responding and unable to Power-On. The machine reports an alarm with message “Virtual machine consolidation needed status”.



  1. Open the Snapshot Manger to identify the active snapshot.
  2. Right click the virtual machine and choose Edit Settings, verified to which VMDK disk the virtual machine Hard Disk was pointed.
  3. Browse the datastore and navigate to this virtual machine folder. There you could see an orphaned Snapshot (size represented 28.18 KB)


Now right click the virtual machine, navigate to Snapshot and Choose Consolidate


After completion of this task, the virtual machine will be able to Power-On and accessible.

Note: Before proceeding, ensure to consider these points related to snapshot consolidation:

  • The remove snapshot process can take a long time to complete if the snapshots are large.
  • If the consolidation process is stopped before completing, it may result in data corruption.
  • The virtual machine performance may be degraded while the snapshot consolidation process.
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Last Modified: December 11, 2013

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